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Can I cancel a reservation / asks guests to leave that break the rules of the booking?

If a guest breaks a house rule during their stay, then is it possible to cancel their booking and ask them to leave? I have recently had an issue with a guest that brought a dog (pets are not permitted), they refused to remove the dog and then refused to leave. support have said they can't cancel the reservation, they can only file a misconduct report. However I dealt with multiple support agents and one sent me a message that said 'you reserve right to reject the reservation with full penalty fee unless guest agrees to leave their pet in kennel as you offered.'

I think I need their booking to be cancelled before I can issue a trespass notice and get them to leave the property. However if agree they broke the rules, but still won't cancel the booking, how do you get guests out of your property if they wont leave? Police won't come and assist unless a legal trespass notice is issued.

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Jennifer


Yes but consider that you may need to phone the police to have them removed worst case.

In some cases it may be better to fine them and payable in an hour , even if it means they go to an ATM. Yes you always reserve the right to refuse, and house rules are listed so they cannot say , oh i didnt see that.


You also dont actually cancel the booking as they are liable for the payment of the booking , regardless. Being an asshole doesnt make you exempt from paying even if you get booted out.


When you report  using the online form make sure to tick option to block from future booking.



The police need a royal kick up da arse if thats the bullshit excuse they are giving. 


Once you issue them eviction notice, that should be enough for the police. Can be in form of printed paper or hand written or a SMS or email.  

The alternative is to call on some friends , ideally tall, large friends to come escort them out.