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Can I manualy add reservations withouth booking?

Hello, everyone,

I'm new here. So I'm interested in this case: If someone just came to my property right now and they want to take a room, can I rent room withouth informing And if someone call my by phone, what then - should I say, that they have to book it thrue, or can I do it manually?

Don Burns

Block the reservation date on your Booking,com platform calendar.


My wife and I block the online booking calendar, when we are away from home those nights or just want a quiet evening to ourselves.

M Adamopoulou

Thats exactly what I do when I have my relatives coming in the summertime from Canada to stay with us.





Hi Dovydas,


You are limited to reducing a room inventory,  no other options.


There is no manual entry options, so you take direct payment in that scenario.


Yes, of course you can!! You just have to "run" to your extranet and make those dates that you have just rented out by yourself unavailable ("close it" as it is called) so nobody can book your accommodation through


If you leave those dates you've just sold yourself opened, you can get double booking (booked by you and by so you have to resolve that situation ( holds you responsible for that situation and YOU have to find another accommodation for the guests who booked through and you even have to pay yourself it that other accommodation you found is more expensive than your place.) ;)


That is what expects you to do!


Question: Can I manualy add reservations without booking?


Answer: no you cant manually add a direct booking to your reservation list.



Hey Barry, hope that you are fine... :)

You missed the point of  Dovydas Petkus's question, go and read it all over again. ;)


He asked if someone would come to his house (knocking on his door), can he " rent room withouth informing " or if someone calls him by the phone "what then - should I say, that they have to book it thrue, or can I do it manually?"


Of course he can rent his house without!!!

Dovydas Petkus, you can do it, believe me, you didn't sign a contract by which have exclusive right to be the only one to rent your property!!

You just have to BLOCK the dates on that you have rented yourself, so nobody else can book it through



M Adamopoulou

MNEgro, what a beautiful blue sea!!!

Please edit your profile....add your property link 

Wish you all the best.