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Can we accept reservations?

Is it not possible to accept the bookings before they book? This would solve a lot of problems.


They are automatically accepted by default. No confirm option.



Community Admin

Dear Gilles Ouellette! Thanks for posting in the Community!

All reservations on are instant, so you do not need to confirm or decline it.

But you have total control over your availability. Please load availability only for the dates when you can accommodate guests. If you received a direct reservation, you need to close availability in your Extranet, so your property is not bookable for those dates anymore. 

You can also set up prepayment option or non-refundable rate to guarantee the reservation.

Best regards!


Gilles Ouellette

That is the problem, I would like it better if I can confirm or decline, this way I would have control of who rents.

I know I can block if i want, but when someone reserve and exceeds the capacity of the room then I can't refuse it.