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Can we hide our property from guest of a given nationality ?

Hi all, for one of our properties we have a no penalty for cancellation, even until the day itself. No deposit neither. This extreme flexibility attracts a lot of customers all over Europe. We have no issues with this policy except ... with Portuguese.  Whenever we have a reservation from Portuguese people, we have 80% chance that they cancel sooner or later.

Since our customers are 90% non-portuguese, but these 'temporary' reservation prevent others to book we would like to selectively hide our property.

So is it possible to not list the property if a certain nationality is browsing ?

(or any other trick)


Alex Budget Re… 2 years ago

Have a deposit set on property policies. You can ask for a deposit as bank transfer. If at a given deadline you consider fit for your property they have not paid you can cancel them. That is valid for all guests booking your place.