Can you ask guests to leave

We have only had 2 issues with guests staying in a apartment above our house.

Most guests are just wonderful, respectful and love our place however on 2 occassions, in particular guests up at 2.30am in the morning, with more than double the amount of guests that should be staying which had created a significant amount of noise.  

As the owners of the property who are living on the property, has anyone else had this situation and have you asked the guests who are staying or guests not booked to leave. 

What was your situation and advice. 

Aaltje B.

I think to start with, you are a very nice person!

I can tell by what happened. Being nice is perfect though. What I mean is being clear to people. You can keep being nice and at the same time be very clear.

And people like it if there are boundaries because they know that they don't have to try to deny your rules, since you are in charge, and since everything is black on white.

IF you want to make an exception, then that is up to you, and always allowed in situations when you are in charge and happy. (occasionally I do)

It is very hard to make "new " boundaries after the booking is already done. frustrating for both parties.

You can't do much about what happened with these two occasions. Don't take revenge. And don't punish yourself or stay angry, but:

It is done because these guests have just found that little tiny gap of an opportunity to sneak through the little hole in the hosts' net.

A change of strategy is the answer.

So clarity to your guests is of most high importance. ( And you will refine your own boundaries by experience, and it is not a bad thing. It will improve your skills ;) get better reviews and you will attract the right crowd too.

To prevent this happening again, check (and hopefully they answer) with how many they plan to come)

Even today, I had someone book. Since I want to check if they receive messages from me, also I want to be 100% sure about the number of guests: I inform straight after the booking is done : " It is just the two of you, isn't it? " (my Airbnb bookings are not instant, so I can ask before they book and pay)

If not they must be honest and say: " no, we take two friends with us.."

That is where they have to cancel, if only 2 is in your policy.

Since I gather that you are not the person that is on the wrong end but they are since they didn't read the description that your unit is only for two people. (for instance)

So in case, you miss out, forget, next time they turn up with lots, you can simply tell them that your house is for .... people only. They will get the message.

It will be a bit more complicated if they have already paid (new feature coming soon) but if they cancel, or you click on no show, you don't have to pay the commission for that day / these days.

For instance, you have space for 3 or more, you could write in one of your pictures Max of three people. You can do that in a humorful way, by letting a dog hold a sign with this message, or a sign on a cushion or where ever you like. Potential guest will flick through the photo's , even with smartphone and see literally what your rules are, instead of going through the descriptions. That really helps.

I will stop preaching now, haha, but I think the tips will help you.

Thank you very much for dropping the question because this occurs a lot.

Let us know how you get on in the future or could you please show a picture in this forum of your sign that you came up with. (idea?) It will certainly help other hosts worldwide !

Wishing you lots of success with your business and most of all, lots of pleasure with every single person coming through your door.

Many greetings

Aaltje B.