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Cancel a crossed over booking


I have my property advertised on 4 sites, and the calendars are sync'd between all four. This has worked fine for nearly two years. However, I just received a booking on for a September date, where those dates are already used by another site. The date, it seems, hasn't sync'd to Its not the fault of the other site, as that booking shows up on all the other sites I advertise through, including my sync'd calendar on my phone.

All my other bookings for the other sites have sync'd to's calendar fine. Its just this ONE booking, and its the one causing a problem.


I have messaged the booker, asking if they'd cancel or change the dates but they haven't respoonded (funny enough, I'm aware a lot of people don't seem to receive messages through their account, but thats an issue for another day).


Any other suggestions as to what I can do?



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BrookAve 2 years ago




Simply :

  • Message Guest of no availability, and next action is to click accept on the next notification the system sends.
  • Under Reservation details page , click Request To Cancel, choose option2.
  • Now wait for them to action...


Try BdC support if no luck still, note thay may try to invoice you for relocation, which is why the process above is important and , to have the guest do it, means no relocation fees.


Jamie Nash 2 years ago

I have!

See my last part of post. I have requested a cancellation, and asked if they'd like to change the dates. They have not responded. 


I'll have to try calling, but was hoping there'd be a more automated way of doing it....