Cancel last minute booking

Hi, we are closed due to covid 19 and somehow a guest has managed to make a last minute booking with us for 4 days and I can’t find a way to cancel. I have notified guest but had no reply 



Hi Forbes Innes

In this case open Extranet, go to the Reservation , click on it to open Reservation Details page.


You mentioned you already informed the guest so now this time


  • On right pane  click on Request to Cancel Reservation.
  • Choose option 2
  • Guest will receive an official system message from BdC.
  • Guest must click on a confirmation link to complete the first part.

Note if the guest does not respond  in a timely manner,

Then you should phone the partner only phone number in this how -to, see link below.

If it has already been plenty of time and as you say last minute, then ring BdC support immediately.


Check your Calendar in List View for the check in-date and further to make sure all for the future periods are set to closed.


You can bulk edit a date range, per room type. so if you have multiple make sure to close them all.


Kind regards


Extranet - Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods

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