Cancelation of booking by host needed due the security risk (fake person?)

Deal colleagues,

Please give me advise in urgent case.

The guest made reservation with fake telephone number, fake address and doesn't answer any messages. What to do? This is for me a big security problem.

Does the rules of Booking.com allow fake persons or "dead" persons?

I asked 5 times Booking.com to cancel this booking, but the security department has to much work as I din't get any answer during 3 weeks. 

I had 2 months ago a drug dealer as guest (now in jail) and don't wont to have any more problem persons.

Thank you for your your ideas!




Mikael Salonen

Thank you for the response.

Unfortunately this method didn't work.

I'm now writing to the management of Booking.com Europe for following reasons: 1. the BC management must know that some guest can cause big security risks. 2. There must be easy cancellation method for risky guests. 3. BC task force can't do anything in my case 3. The security controller of BC are not working effectively (in 3 weeks nothing happened).

In case somebody else have solutions, please inform me.