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Canceling an overbooked reservation as a host

Overbooking. I have all of my calendars synced and have never had a problem until today (have been on for years). A guest booked on for July 2021, and the dates are already booked on another, synced, platform. I am finding no place on to cancel the booking and no way to contact for help. I have googled this so over and over again. And explored the platform as well. All the links for customer service haven't led to a phone number or chat line. If I call the *** number it requires a 4 digit pin number which I cannot find anywhere in my email or on my account. I must be a dunce. Please help! Thank you.

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Sharonpowney 1 year ago

You are better to get guest to cancel ( you cannot do it yourself) as if do it they will charge you relocation, even if you think it is their problem.  Message guest with apology and try and suggest some alternatives if you can.  Then go into the Reservation and click Request Cancel and follow process.

If you need to contact help team using Inbox icon on Extranet (Option messages) or give help team a call see link for local phone numbers.

Sandra Gesang 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your help. You saved the day. I was able to call on the bellevue, USA number and they got the reservation cancelled. In the mean time, I messaged the guest to explain and she wrote back, twice, both times asking me to cancel. So, customer service was able to use that to cancel without penalties. The booking is for July 2021, and there are loads of nice listings in the area, so I am confident the guest will find another place quickly. Sandy

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BrookAve 1 year ago

sandra is there a reason you are not using the proper partner support phone number?


For future reference :


  • CS is not for partners , its literally in the name 'Customer' as a clue, its for Guests only. Yes they may redirect you to partner support.  
  • The only contact method you should be using is message  or phone via the extranet method, shown in this guide...  
  • remember there is public listed contact us method, and then private extranet method. its the second one you want.  
  • Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide