I have just had a late booking that I need to cancel, as because we had no bookings we decided to go away ourselves and the rooms are currently occupied so we wonlt be able to do a changeover. Because I am trying to cancel within t48 hours of their arrival day,. I am being told I have to go through Customer Services, but I CANLT FIND ANY WAY OF CONTACTING TME!!!! - advice??

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This is on bottom of every page,

Contact us

8 days ago
Martin Pailthorpe

The problem is that that just sends me into an endless  rabbit warren - it offers a number of automated responses, none of which were relevant, or said that local contact number could be found alongside my booking.com  mailbox, where I could also send them a message - however, there was no number listed, and no way of generating a new message. Its enough to make you think they don't actually want you to contact them. When I finally did find a `local' number (in Bristol UK), I called it, and the person I spoke to said they would call me straight back - which they did, from an Amsterdam (ie international) number - I'm guessing I ended up having to pay for that call

6 days ago