Hi. Please help. I had a guest who was supposed to check in yesterday, however he cancelled three days ago, how do I confirm this so that booking. Com does not send me invoice or making me to pay commission. The No show option is in grey and doesn't let me click on it. What procedures do you do when a guest cancel their reservation? 


Did you guest cancel through the system?  If he did then booking.com know he has cancelled.  As this is the partner forum we aren't able to look at the problem.  You should message booking.com using Inbox icon on Extranet and check with them.



Hi Charitylove

If the guest cancelled via BdC Customer Service or website, then you have nothing to do.


You should be able to see this by opening the reservation detail and it will be marked cancelled. and any cancellation policy will be applied automatically.


If there is no cancellation marked, message BdC with the reference number to confirm why.



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Hi. Thanks 

Yes I can see cancelled notice but that happened before and an invoice was sent to me so I don't know how these invoices works,, each time a guest cancel after few days I get invoice from bdc I don't know if that means I have to pay? Totally confused 


some of us are getting invoices due to the system is doing a full payment  zero deductions so that is why.


I also had to do this recently.