Cancellation of bookings

Hi there - my booking.com number is *** - Purple Daisy Guest Studio

I do have 2 bookings in December. 

Booking number - *** and ***

Unfortunately I have to cancel these bookings.  My family do not have a place to stay and I have to help them.  How can I do the cancellation? 

Can you please help me?

Carlien Fourie ***

Sharon Powney

Message the guests and apologise and explain that you need to cancel.  Do a search of other accommodation nearby and give them information.  Then go into 

  • Extranet
  • Reservations
  • Reservations Details Page
  • Right Pane, Request To Cancel
  • Choose option 2, submit
  • Wait for guest to receive email with action to confirm

You have posted this on the partner forum so we cannot do this for you.  If you ask booking.com help team to process it they will charge you a relocation fee, so try to do yourself.

Also, go into calendar and mark dates as Closed so you don't get any more bookings.