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Cancellation due to covid

The government has announced that we may be able to reopen on the 17th May at the earliest. I have a guest who booked in December for the 1st April 2021 how do I cancel this booking? 

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Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

You haven't added any details, so guessing you're in the UK?

You should contact the guest and ask them to cancel - tell them to make sure and tell BDC that they are cancelling because of government restrictions

BDC will probably email you telling you they will find alternative accommodation for the guest and that you must pay for it - yes, this really winds hosts up, but it's what BDC do best - you will need to reply to BDC telling them it is government restrictions and must be refunded in full - you might need to tell them several times - and sadly, you might have to get angry with the *** BDC staff for them to pay any attention to what you tell them .....

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BrookAve 1 year ago



  • Open reservation details page.    
  • Send message at bottom to notify of intent.    
    • No Deposit PrePaid - "Due to the failure to prepay the deposit in a timely manner, and it is now 28+ days since booking date, we have no choice but to void this booking."      
    • No Deposit - "Due to the COVID restrictions, we have no choice but to cancel this booking, you will shortly receive a second message to acknowledge."  
  • Now on top of the page on right pane, click Request Cancel    
  • Then choose Option 1 (if you ask for a deposit)
  •  or Option 2 if no deposit,  
  • , follow any prompts after that. 
  • Now you wait for the status to update.


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