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Cancellation policies

I have received recommendations regarding cancellation policies. Unfortunately I do not understand very much. I currently charge 30% of the total consideration at the time of booking. This deposit is non-refundable. I then charge the remaining 70% earliest 30 days before arrival. Once charged, this payment is also non-refundable.

Will this policy be allowed in the future or how would I need to change it?

Kind regards

Johan Lantz







 What you have described is a non refunadble rate.


So your rate plan should be set this way too, and set the cancel policy based on the options provided.


Sometimes these options may not offer identical to what you did before using BdC as an OTA.


As for prepay a partial rate in advance, this should be declared in the fine print, and the new reservation message template at the top.


If a guest fails to prepay the 30% with in x days (minimum 24h), you can cancel and free up the room.


Note if a guest prepays the 30% but never shows or requests cancelation , and asks for a refund, you will need to mention that policy in the message template too.