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Cancelling a booking

Hi, I manage Trengwainton property and this week we subscribed to Nightsbridge.  As a result of teething problems we had a ***, booking number *** book Trengwainton Cottage this weekend 28-30 August but it was already booked for someone else.  I contacted *** and explained the story to him then tried to cancel the booking but wasnt able to as it was within 48 hours of arrival.  Please would you cancel the booking and refund the guest in full.

Warm regards

Joanne Campbell

Managaress at Trengwainton

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi joanne, 


Reminder you can never ask for cancellations on here.

THis is not an IT helpdesk and BdC support will never see our topics on here, as this is just a forum and nothing else.


Please due to the time frame pick up phone and call them , BdC Support and or message them to cancel. and included if there is to be a fullrefund or not.


normally if the system is not blocking such as last minutes or 48 hours you can instead instigate the cancelation yourself by:


open reservation details page

on right pane , click request cancel

choose option2.

guest gets a notification to action to finialise the cancellation

system then marks as cancelled and refunds if prepaid.


all done, literally that simple.


Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide


Kind Regards