Cancelling a guest

Hi how can you set up cancelling a reservation from 48 hours to 24 hours prior guest check in?

Leandri Klopper

Hi there Nelsonsylvester47 ,

Could you please tell us in What circumstance you mean?

Do you want to cancel 48/24 hours prior to check in if the guest did not make payment? or because you don't have the space and need the room?

Cancelling a booking is also a thick topic as it depends on how the guest is paying. There are different ways of cancelling, so you will need to elaborate a bit please

Then we can see about helping :-)

Keep well!

M Adamopoulou

Nelsonsylvester47 welcome to this beautiful forum. Leandri I think he means how to up date cancellation policy. Am I right Nelsonsylvester47?