Cancelling upcoming bookings as a host due to #coronavirus

Are we able to cancel guests who have made their bookings for 2020 before April (force majeure) 6 without any "penalties" of any sorts? One of us also works in heath care and must be extra cautious. We will be closing the calendar this season. Thank you, best regards from Liv&Bertie


You have posted this on the partner forum and as there has been so much information emailed from booking.com I wouldn't like to say one way or the other. To email the booking.com help team use the Inbox icon on Extranet, their phone number will also be shown here.

Liv Kari Kjørsvik

Thank you for your replies. Found it. "Our Force Majeure policy is designed to support guest cancellations if desired or required. It is not designed to enforce cancellations requested by a property." 

Best regards from Liv&Bertie