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Cases of Refusing your hotel?

So, I'm wondering if that's normal. I have one hotel which is working fine on for years and had decided to add another property which open last year (terrible timing lol). However I cannot change the status to open/available. My colleague had reached out to their representative couple of times and was met with refusal from the higher ups from day one. They had refused to give us a reasoning and simple end the conversation that its simply cause the higher up states so. 


To clarify, she had tried to make an account separately and it was rejected before I made one within mine account which was also rejected. Both property belonging to our boss. My question is if this normal? And is there any options or should I just lay this issue to rest and try other platforms.

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BrookAve 1 year ago



Hi no not normal,  and definitely sounds like theirs alot more details neither of us know