Celebrating New Year

Hi everyone :) 


Almost New Year ....

Are you celebrating with your guests, do you invite them in your house (in case your house is nextdoor or attached or nearby..) 

Did you offer them a bottle to celebrate? 

It's up to the guests of course. For tonight (Southern Hemisphere) I expect it will be just us two, doggy and cat. But we could be wrong... And then a lot of phone calls, what's apps, txts, messages....

Wishing you all a prosperous and healthy 2020  with super guests and no errors :)    :)    :) 

Many Greetings

Touch base again in the new year. 


Aaltje B. 


Hi Aaltje B.


This year I have no plans really, its going to be quiet here. My guests are likely going to be in the city centre for the outdoor fireworks and music event scheduled in Dublin Custom House Quay area.


Aaltje B.

Hi Barry 


Well, quiet or not , 

May your year be filled with goodness and joy. 


Greetings , all the way from the Southern Hemisphere .

New Zealand. 

Guy and Ella 

M Adamopoulou

Guy and Ella,

Thank you so much for wishes?

Our property is closed for the wintertime so celebration ? is always with family and friends ?.

May 2020 be a Wonderful New Year for all of us?.

Thanks Southern Hemisphere for bringing us celebration ? mood.

Don Burns

Although, this story does not relate directly to New Year's Eve guests, I wanted to share the following:


Last June, I treated my wife to her birthday weekend at a three-night stay in an Airbnb private home on the California seacoast.  The husband and wife home owners rent their two spare bedrooms to paying guests, like us.


However, the Airbnb's wife host kept asking to accompany us to local restaurants, because her husband does not like to dine out.


My wife and I felt very awkward our Airbnb host wanted us to be her restaurant companions, when we wished to spend a romantic weekend dining and sightseeing by ourselves.


As a host, please be careful you do not force your unwanted hospitality on your paying guests.


Aaltje B.

I hear you Don! 

It's such a fine line isn't it. 

BDC and Abb could add the following to choose from : 

Wishes to socialise with host 

Yes or no 

And for hosts : Wishes to socialise with guests  yes or no 

And then the two groups have to match as well . Now it gets complex ... 

We say in our Abb page as hosts :  We like to catch up with you but our available time varies because of work duties ( on the farm ) This way we have a genuine excuse. But also use it if the situation needs it. 

So Hopefully people read it and get the point .

Wisdom needed here. Its an art to be a host  even more so to be a guest ;) 

Happy holidays    and happy hosting . 



Aaltje B 





Don Burns

We had two guests arrive last night on December 31.  My wife and I were invited to our neighbors' New Year's Eve dinner party with 18 other people.


The house party hosts allowed us to bring our two Booking.com guests.  We all had fun eating, drinking and getting to know each other last night.

Aaltje B.

Amazing neighbours and lucky guests ! 

That was a beatiful ending to the year . Lovely !