Challenge #1. How many guests did you receive in the first year?

Dear community,

I want to invite you to participate in a few weekly challenges I and the Community team have prepared for you. Let’s see if these challenges are going to be challenging for you. Here is the first one!  

Recall how many guests you received during the first year of running your business? Was it more or less than you expected?  

Write the number in the comments below!


Villa Harmony

From march to october we have recieved only 7 reservations from Booking.com.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Sergei and thanks for bringing up wonderful memories!!!


The first year it was an amazing experience for me...

Living in a rural place nobody believed that guests would visit The Adam’s Studio in Oropos....


What an incredible surprise not only for me but for the whole neighborhood (3 houses)...

Thanks to BDC I had 9 wonderful guests...excellent reviews...adorable people...still have contact with some of them.


A lifetime experience for me and my family...




This year we hosted 1367 guests and last year 2252 guests.

Aaltje B.

I can relate to you Maria. Hosting in a rural area is so different from hosting in a big city. 

We have space......and can see stars at night, laugh till late, no worries, no neighbours    (3 km further yes  haha)  

Quiet nights, no trains, buses, planes, cars, motors, just the wind, or the rain. It is great to see some people coloring our days. 


Have a great day Maria. We're off to bed. Night night. 

M Adamopoulou

Dear Ella,

Yes hosting in rural areas is another story...

We love having guests....we treat them as family...

Quiet nights....crickets and harvest flies cannot stop their live songs...roosters cannot stop crowing early in the morning...birds sing all day long...chickens, hens, goats....around us , nature everywhere...

Some guests even love our two dogs and ask to take them in their rooms...

Sleep tight Ella...we are gone have our lunch now...

Aaltje B.

Hi Jackie

Welcome on board of the hosting platform.

I love your photo! 

And am curious to see your property.

Could you add it to your profile? Instructions on the site. 

Stay safe, be well. 


Aaltje B.  New Zealand.