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Change cancelation and payment policies up to a certain number of rooms

Dear all,

I would like to know if it possible to set a new policy with the following restrictions:

For all bookings from 5 rooms and up must be applied the followings:

  • Reservation only with credit card,
  • Free cancelation 10 days prior the arrival date, and 
  • A fee of 50% of the entire amount of the reservation if booker fail to cancel on time or 'No show'.


Is the above feasible?

Thanks in advance,

Stam, Carl von Clausewitz Hotel.

SK Zai

I agree with this. It will help a lot of people. I think a new policy guide should be set up.

james lock

Hey, Can we book the advance for rooms, and some time need to cancel the registration, can we gett he refund back in our account? I need some info about it. Thank you