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Change on my house settings


I have a problem because I don't know how to display my local house. 

It's already on with the name Casa Da Avenida and it's located in Arouca, Portugal. My problem is with the way to show my house options. My "hotel" is an house with 4 bedrooms, and I want to show it as an house for the price of 175€, and after which bedroom by 50 the ones with WC privated and 45 the others one. 

Also I want it to display the bedroom price on the feed instead of all house price. Is it possible to change?

So, my location is an House (175€), with 2 bedroom with WC (50€) and 2 mormal bedroom (45€) can you change it for me.



Luis Martins


You have posted this on the partner forum so we are not able to change settings on your property.  You should email help team using the Inbox icon on Extranet.