change of reservation date

A costumer is asking me for a reservation date change due to the covid situation in Spanish.

He needs to change it to august and we are willing to do that accepting the same amount of money we were going to charging him this month. However, we told him to do the change through the web page cause we dont have the ways to do that on booking (or thats what i think) and he says he can´t do so. 

What can we do?

Thank you so much

Myat Noe Oo

Hi Miriam,

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You can change reservation date from your side. Please search this reservation on Extranet and open the reservation page. There you can find "Request date Change" on the right side of booking page. Please check the sample page as below where I highlighted with Yellow color. Hope this can be working.


M Adamopoulou

Hi Miriam,

Is the reservation non refundable...is that the reason they cannot change the date???


M Adamopoulou


I would also want to add that in your Property tab under Policies there is a section “Date changes for non-refundable booking”... maybe you should check it out..


Keep well ?