Change Standar Rate Number of Guest for Non-Refundable


I want to change the normat price from 6 guest to 8 guest and i didn't find a way. My problem is that in non-refundable rates show price only for 6 guest. I set-up different prices for different number of guests. Althougth the prices is correct in standar rate for all guests, in the non-refundable rates, only the options for 6guests is enabled.

I want to change the default guest to 8, and find a solution to show non-refundable rate to different number of guest.

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Hi Χρυσούλα Ντουνιάμπελεν - Chrysoula Ntouniampelen


Is the rate plan tied to different room types or all one type and count of 2+ ?

I think under property room details the max occupancy needs to be set there first, then check list view on the calendar, and on left expand the rate plans/discounts to view the figures.





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