changing commission rates

Has anyone been offered 10% commission rates by BOOKING.com initially and then accepted a higher commission of 15% to try to get get a better advantage to keeping their guest house full and only realising that there is no advantage to paying 15% and wanted to change back to 10% commission? 

I asked if i was allowed to do this and they told me no and that it was the contract price that i agreed upon despite the fact that i was offered 10% in the beginning.  Would like to know if anyone has successfully changed this for themselves.



I am sometimes paid 45 days after the person has left and the money has been there in their bank accounts for almost 3 or 4 months before i am paid when booked in advance. Any advice on this?

Is it better to paid by the guest ?  Perhaps i should do this and then pay them 3 months later.:)

Now they are asking for 2.1% increase to pay me on time .  All the other websites pay you on time and collect your money and don't charge you extra. 

Appreciate advice as i am a rookie at this!! 

Don Burns

I have been fortunate, as Booking,com directly deposits my guestroom rental payments within two days after guests leave.


Maybe it is because I have a Wells Fargo Bank account, which is among the largest banks in the USA.   Hosts in other countries might use lesser-known banks that slow down their guest payment process.


I am only guessing at this.



M Adamopoulou

Booking.com facilitates my payments and have no problems. No frauds no worries.  Of course commission is high. 

Now you have option to be paid every 10 tens after check out.

Booking payments works excellent for me.