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Changing entrance address

As we are having work done to the front of our property I would like guests to enter from the other end of our driveway which is connected to a can this be done? I have created an autoresponder message but many guests are not reading it and this is causing confusion - also the commission is very high using so thinking of leaving, are all these sites this expensive I wonder? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Was just about to say put it into the auto messages for new bookings, and the check-in auto message template.

you can also attach a photo the template.


Theres only so much you can do, so even if you do all that, its entirely their fault if they never read any  of it.


You could send it 48 hours ahead of check in to as a direct message on the reservation details page.


As for BdC versus other OTAs, they and like many thing have Pros V Cons.

Tivago, Expedia ( + affiliates) , etc


I personally will never use AIrBNB; Expedia is the next best , but i hate bookings via Affiliates  such as eDREAMS, too much drama. When its on them to enforce T&Cs. not pass the buck on cancelation requests.


What % is the commission showing for you?

For my country/reiogn it starts at 15% , with visibility booster I have it set to 18%.


did you know you can increase it using Visibility Booster? so check if that has been enabled  and disable.


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Brian Thorne

Thank you very much for your informative and very helpful reply.

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