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Changing my e mail on my account

I am struggling to change our e-mail address on my account.

Graham Henry Forbes

Pretty easy actually. Log in to Then go to Listings and choose your property. When the listing comes up, go to the top right and click Account. From the drop-down menu click Contacts. Then Edit against the email you want to change.



No this is 2 different things.


The email address for the  extranet logon  versus contacts (multiple) email addresses for all or multiple roles .


If willem is just one person who uses extranet and he wants to say setup a different email account for new reservations etc, then yes the contacts and notifications sub menu is where to set it.


But if willem wants to alter the extranet account logon email address then , instead he must logon with that first, then add new user with the new email address, make it admin.


logoff , logon with new admin account, and then remove the old email admin account, or just leave it there for now until happy all is working as intended.