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Changing the name of the listed apartment

Hello, I really need Your help. As a new bee, I have a huge problem. My place is a Villa, and there are three apartments in it. Somehow, those apartments are listed as villas also. Booking is not giving me possibility to change the name villa in to the apartments. So, now, I have one villa with three villas in it, which is absurd. The reason Booking is not allowing to change the names are 2 reservations, one for May, second in June. In that case, Booking wants us to write them a message, which we did, but there is no answer. What to do, please? Thanks in advance

Vila Odmor na Dunavu

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Community Admin 2 years ago

Hi Stevan Papista and welcome to Community. If you have existing bookings but the property layout needs to be changed because you wish to sell apartments instead of villas, we might suggest you to first close the availability and than contact our customer support that will hep you to set up correctly the units you want to sell. You can find the customer support number under: Inbox > Messages > Contact us. We wish you good luck!