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changing number of bedrooms

Hi. Pulse had for some reason indicated 2-bedroom apartment for my listing, instead of 1-bedroom, even though I don't remember ever noting that I had 2. I am now trying to change it to 1 bedroom, but it won't let me, since I already have bookings. My guests have been notified about the mishap and don't mind, but I'd like now to correct the mistake before someone else books. Please advise how to do it if the system won't let me! Thanks, Lilit

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Lilit


  • Do not try to use PULSE App to setup your listing.  
  • Only use the Extranet on a PC on a browser.  
  • That is your next step and action in order to resolve the configuration.  
  • Open the Property Menu > Room Details (on Apartments is may be called Layout).


For each room or type  you need a Room Type defined.

Then in that there are two things to set.

  1. The default setup and bed type/size and occupancy size.  
  2. The max occupancy size as the number of people.


ELSE contact BdC Partner Support so they can review your setup and advise you were you went wrong. 

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