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Currently managing a five bedroom property, listed on Booking.com and bookable through my Wordpress website using the Divi theme and the Hotel Booking plugin. Do not anticipate a lot of business through the website but want a simple system to avid double booking.

Have set up the sync, import and export calendars in Wordpress and in Booking.com but this all seems to work a long way from real time i.e. a significant lag between a booking in booking.com showing up on my website and vice a versa.

So, is it time to invest in a channel manager and if so do you have any recommendations. 






Yes first and foremost there is no ical sync management on the BdC side that would trigger instant update upon activity trigger.


This is why myself and Isle of Wight on here keep advising people to not rely on it and to use a 3rd party channel manager. e.g. syncbnb.com

and no we are no affiliated, but at this point and length of time going on about it should be , lol.





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Thanks for the reply, have had a chat with syncbnb and they do seem a bit pricey as each room counts as a property so over £50 a month paid monthly. Desperately trying to keep costs down in these scary times, any more suggestions out there? 


add the missing booking.com property link so i can see it ,and i will see if i can find a suitable Channel manager