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I post an article out today...

"A 16-year-old girl has been arrested after friends she invited to a holiday apartment rented via booking.com caused £40,000 of damage.

The guests allegedly tore down walls with sledgehammers at the luxury flat in Belfast, which had been booked by a woman for her teenage daughter for one night.

The booking rules clearly stated that parties and events were banned but the teenager invited people to the flat on Saturday night using the short messaging service Snapchat.

The owner of the apartment, who doesn't want to be named, told Belfast Live the extent of the destruction was 'unbelievable'.

"There is now a hole in the wall between the kitchen and hall because they used sledgehammers to break through.

"The windows have been smashed, doors broke, the kitchen and bathrooms are wrecked, everything is ruined."

Up to 40 youths are believed to have descended on the apartment, which is usually let for around £200 on Saturday nights. The owner said the repairs will costs around £40,000, but the girl's mother is believed to have paid a deposit of just £100.

'I've contacted Booking.com to report what happened and their solution was to waive the £9.80 commission fee which isn't going to be much help," said the owner. "I have no faith that I will get a penny back from those responsible."

He said he has also had to cancel 42 bookings and give refunds to potential customers.

"We were fully booked over Easter and it was heartbreaking having to cancel on people who were looking forward to their holidays and give full refunds, which is just extra money lost on top of the refurb costs," he added.

"The contractors have said the place should be ready again within a month but this has really put me off doing anything like this again."

A Booking.com spokesperson said: "We support our accommodation partners fully and will cooperate with law enforcement in their official investigation as necessary.

'In this instance, we have also taken additional precautions to block this customer from making any further reservations via our site."

Police said the girl has been released on bail pending further enquiries."

M Adamopoulou

Graham thanks for sharing this article.
Cannot understand why would people want to destroy others property.
How dreadful situation.


I saw that in the paper today, I was shocked and felt so sorry for the owner of the property. To be honest, in my humble opinion...why on earth would a mother make a booking for her 16 yr old daughter to stay in a place on her own never mind the child inviting so many ''friends'' to the place that resulted in them trashing it and totally destroying it. I saw the pictures and OMG they really did a job on the place, it's totally out of commission now and to be honest, I'd say it will take a lot more than a month to fix the place up as I'm no stranger to renovating old houses for long term lets, I just finished one and it took a whole year to do. I said to my husband...that's it, I'm NEVER renovating a house ever again, I'm done! He just continued reading his paper and with out looking up he said...yah, that's what yah said last time!

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Ireland-B-B I fully agree. Renovating is such a pain in the neck. We renovated our house two years ago and my God I want to forget it. So much work to be done not to mention cleaning up the mess afterwards.
I always say the same. No more renovations but when you have a village home I think that’s inevitable. I can imagine your husband...mine says the same thing ha...ha...ha

Wish you well.


I renovated my home 6 years ago, it was a big job. But I've since renovated 2 other houses for let, one for students and another for non-students on a long term let, I finished it last week but it took a year to do. One thing I quickly learned with regards to students (young people) no girls !! I wont allow girls to be tenants, they trash the place but nothing like what happened to that landlord in Belfast Northern Ireland. I think the mother who made the reservation should be held accountable, after all..she made the reservation.

I would suggest that landlord change his policy to an age limit, maybe 18 or 21 yrs old and no un-accompanied minors as under 18 yrs old is considered a minor. And ask for photo ID when they check in and photo copy their ID. I've traveled all over Europe (driving) and any where I went asked for photo ID and in most countries in Europe, they hold onto your passport until you check out.


With the B&B so busy I have many a time asked my hubby...pleaseeeeeee can I do just ONE MORE extension, just a little extension, a very small extension pleaseeeeeeeeee!!! He looks at me very cross and says..NO MORE EXTENSIONS, NO MORE BUILDERS and knowing you it'll be a 3 story extension!! I just look down and sad and say...well not a 3 story, maybe a 2 story. It's around that time he walks away and wont talk to me HA-HA-HA-HA

Graham Fisher

I have to say the story raises many questions - not the least being - how many people go out for the evening in Ireland with a sledgehammer...?

Over the years however we have had milder versions of the same story - a room booked by a mother for her daughter and friend for the weekend... aged about 16/17... when they arrived we phoned the mother who clearly could not see any problem... I had to stand guard both nights to stop them bringing boys they had met in town into the house....

Similarly... we had a family arrive and discovered later when mayhem broke out in one rooms that the parents had gone out to leaving two boys aged about 12 and 10 alone in their room, the older boy was practising his "chinese burns" on his brother... the parents got it "both barrels" from me on their return......

Unfortunately the idiots are out there...

M Adamopoulou

Unfortunately we cannot avoid idiots but we should try to minimize them.
Keep well.