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Checkout time and Bed linen!

Hello Everyone!

If we’re able to re-open, this will be our fourth season as hosts and partners with

Our first tip is probably obvious, but we do firmly recommend 10.00am checkout, and reinforce this with an unmissable notice in the entrance.  If we are able to greet guests, which we usually are, we make a point of reminding them politely of this.  We need every minute to ventilate, clean, disinfect and reset the place for the next 16.00 check in.

Our other tip is NOT to use brushed cotton bedding.  We learned the very hard way after our first season, about how much more physical energy, electricity and time we’d save by changing to polycottons!!  No-one has ever complained of being cold....except the guest who didn’t turn up the heating, in spite of instructions.....there’ll always be one 🤣


Nice thanks, I did some brushed cotton too, only for pillows