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Hi Everyone, I have been a guest house owner for 5 years and have worked in the hotel and catering industry for over 35 years . 

I think for us all the cleaning aspect will increase and we will probably have to space out bookings allowing for a full day empty just to sanitise . I use bleach, sanitiser and disinfectant for switches tv remotes and anything that is touchable ... I use a antibacterial spray for curtains and mattresses but will now spray the pillows and uncovered duvets steaming and disinfectant for the carpets and flooring will now be after every stay . I think I will have to insist on a 3 day minimum stay with possibly only 50 % occupancy when guests do stay , then have 1 full day closed to do all the extra cleaning . 

I will stop serving breakfasts which alas is my favourite part of hosting , and instead I will leave a simple tray outside the rooms . 

I wish we could see into the future ,but , while this virus is here we also have to protect ourselves and I think we may have to take the temperatures of guests and get them to sign an affidavit stating they are well . I think we also will need to wear masks and insist our guests do so at all times when they are out their rooms .

Life has changed and we will have to adapt our business models in order to keep safe and keep others safe . 


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