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Cleaning Fees

First of all , I would like to inform you how complicated it was for me to find this spot to ask a question. I am nee to Booking and it is seems so chaotic and without any help one feels completely lost. I think at the bottom of your page there should be a Contact us for any questions.


I do hope that some will reply to this. 


My question is that I have an upcoming reservation ******* june 14-21. I have noticed that my cleaning fees are not included in the price and I read that I need to request that from my guest. I find that a bit uncomfortable having to ask them to give me 25 euros for the cleaning fees and I am also wondering if the guest is aware of that and what if they are not willing to pay me. How do I deal with all this??


Also , there is a note in my booking that the guest might be paying with a credit card as an executive. Well, that it is not practical neither possible for me as I do not have a POS. 


How do I deal with all this??? Another important issue now with the corona virus is our safety. Since we do not know anything about our guests if they have or not the do we welcome it rude to keep a distance and what if they have some thing ???

These are very important things .


I will be looking forward to your reply.




Cathy Salonikidis

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Cathy


1. Contact Us on Footer - Up until recently, there has always been a Contact Us in the bottom footer. Then 2 months ago I discovered, while these pages are technically dynamically generated from templates and certain variables such as :


Partner Logged on, region / language detected etc..



It seems sometimes for some partners the dynamic footer container, is not including the Contact Us.


That of course should always be on every footer regardless, as static link and not in the dynamically generated footer.


This is a simple fix for BdC web dev team to resolve. I would love to heard from them as to why they choose to do this. then its only the contents , partially that are dynamic also.


2. Partner Community - Its soley other partners replying, with rare appearance from members of the BdC CommunityTeam. THis team is not related to the BdC Support nor Finance teams. While we do not always see them replying, they are here and taking notes and relaying to meetings  our feedback posiive and negative. 


3. Cleaning Fees


I completely understand why you would feel that way about asking for another fee but really there only two options:


1. Put up a sign at check-in desk. and when they check-in ask for it then.


2. Instead factor it into the rate, much simpler and zero stress.



4. COVID19 and Interacting with guests


Simply put no it is not rude, safety first.

Simply place A4 posters everywhere reminding people to :


  • Wash hands
  • Maintain social distance
  • No shaking hands etc
  • Sneeze or couching into hands, elbow, and them wash hands.
  • Have surface spray on hand with disposable kitchen towel to wipe.
  • etc


There are likely other things I'm not thinking of right now that could be added to that list.



Kind Regards, Be Safe , Be Well

Cathy Salonikidis 2 years ago

Hi BrookeAve,


thanks for the quick reply and the tips. Yes, I totally agree that there should be a Contact us at the footer as we cannot rely on other hosts to get a reliable answer. I need something that comes from the horse's mouth and since  am the new kid on the block with Booking, I expect professional and solid advice. I mainly work with Airbnb , that is why I have the cleaning fees separately. There is no front desk since I rent out my apartment but do you think I should text my guest and inform him of this??? So, he should be aware beforehand and ready to pay for these fees...not that they cover much now with all the extra expenses for disinfection.

I am really curious to what happens if we have an urgent question or issue and there is no one around to contact to help us out??? 





I really appreciate your taking the time to reach out and give me this useful info.


Stay safe and take care






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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Cathy,


Officially for direct support its via :


Extranet > Inbox > Booking Messages,


Then on right pane click on See Contact Options to reveal phone number and a send message  method after selecting category and sub category


Yeah no harm letting them know.


In fact you  could use the message templates and create one for exactly this purpose.


Then open  their reservation, and click on the paperclip to pull up the template you wrote and send it to them . They will get an email with it

I would also update your new reservation template for new bookings to include it in the top so they see it early on.



Kind Regards

Cathy Salonikidis 2 years ago

Thanks a lot, I would appreciate it if you can make that change for me. I followed your steps and found it..the way to contact Booking in a more direct way.

Now I need to work on the templates for the messages.


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BrookAve 2 years ago

erm Partners cant make changes for other partners , only you can.


Or if you are on the phone or message support they can assist with certain things  but they wont create message templates for you. only you can do that.


The difference between the Contact Us on the footer of every page and the contact options in the Extranet is ...


First one is general contact info.

Second one is specific to you and your country/region, and Partner Status = True.


All the guides are above under Solutions and Partner Help menu/sub-menus.



Cathy Salonikidis 2 years ago

What are the steps to make a template and then send it to my guest???