Client has allowed unauthorized people to stay

Property is a 1 Bedroom Apartment for max 2 people.

4 people have now stayed in property overnight.

I've reported it to booking.com

How do they handle it.




Hi Raymond Mac Fadden


Is the apartment set up as whole unit one price or occupancy rate based?


If not occupancy based then why would you need to report it ? 

Thats not a rule, if I book a place and I bring 2 more who sleep on couch etc, then that my perogative.


If you want more money, change to occupancy rate based to cure that.


If it is already occupancy based rate and they paid for 2 , then yes report it to BdC and have them update the invoice. Hopefully its prepaid and then BdC can charge them the difference.


Kind Regards


Whole unit price or occupancy rate based setup?


Its very difficult to help if you dont meet us half way. and share the right info in detail.


please share the property listing link so I can seethe booking options, thanks


This is what I was looking for :



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I had a look and i also ran several scenarios on search results to confirm if Occupancy rate based was setup correctly.


I can see this is NOT the case at all. You are only setup for  whole unit cost.


If someone tries to book for 1 there is no price difference. If 3+ there are no results.