client phonenumber and address

Since recently I can't see the hometown address of a client and there is no phonenumber anymore. In times of corona it is important to have these data back again. For instance should there be an infectious case and you need to contact the visitor. Could that be put in place again?

David Munderloh

Thank you for asking this.  Same question as I have.

I see the address, but no telephone number in case I should need to contact them after the rental period is over.



Hi Audrey / David

You can set this as a policy for both address and phone number.

Check and see if you already have both enabled.

Note : after 7 days of check out date, the message system blocks contact but not phone number nor address, both are still viewable.






David Munderloh

Thank you --

However my settings are for the guest to provide an address as well as a phone number.  Sometimes I receive this information. Other times not.  I have one reservation where I have neither!

One of my guests mentioned in a review that something needed repair and I want to know which, for example, bed needs repair.  I have no way of contacting this person now.

Any clue as to why this could be?

thank you