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closed not bookable

my property have much booking and good value in Baku but suddenly was closed our website cant bookable option is coming every time please help me to solve this problem

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Aaltje B.

Hi Cinnamon Guest House.


Something must have changed in your settings. 

I have done that before as well. 

Have a good look at the dates in your calendar, and other settings related. It looks like your problem sits there. 

Otherwise contact BDC asap and ask them to find out . 

Good luck! 



Aaltje B. 

5 months ago
Community Admin

Hi Cinnamon Guest House! Thanks for posting in the Community!

In order to understand why your property is not bookable, please, check the following things:

- check the Calendar to make sure the dates are opened

- check the Home page for any information regarding Location verification. It might be, that your property location needs to be verified before you continue to accept bookings

- check your email address, normally for any property status change you would receive an email 

Best regards!

5 months ago