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Collecting guest data for foreign guests

Hello there, 

I host guests at an apartment in Portugal and in case of foreigners, I need to collect guest data for the government's foreign department. This is now done online in Portugal, so I'd like to collect this data online. Has anyone already implemented a solution for this that is compliant with's terms and conditions? 


Thanks for your help!


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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Sabrina,


Can you please provide a link to an online website where this government requirement is detailed please.


To be honest this sounds extremely dodgy and I would not do that.

Hence why I asked to see the government website link requesting so.


As a Guest I certainly would never agree to it. and as a IT security consultant to many industries,

I have had to do a GDPR course every 12 months. This is rather worrying.


As for GDPR, as long as you understand the principles of it , and do not store any guest info outside of their platform such as the messaging system you are fine.


But the moment you scan, copy , write down anything you are liable. It is important to store said info securely and only for  a finite amount of time, i.e. a few days then destroy it.


One Idea I had was to simply message the guest via the BdC message and have then do a pre-clearance type of thing like airports now do,  where they can scan or smart phone take a photo of their passport showing all edges. 

They should do this for all guests 


Then on arrival I can check and see if they match up, but at no point will I download those images out of the message system and store locally.


This is also handy for when you are not based at the location and guest has self check -in option.













Kind Regards



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Sabrina Jung T… 2 years ago

Hi Barry, 


First of all, thanks for your reply.

I am quite familiar with the GDPR and have been involved in at least a couple of compliance implementation projects. The core of the question here is not about GDPR, I do understand how I have to handle personal data. The question is requesting such data once is handling personal data from the guest and at no point during the registration process, it is mentioned by booking that they will need to provide this information to us.


I also do not need copies of passports or anything like that. What I need is to ensure that this data is being filled out so I can send it to the foreigners department of the Portuguese government. This requirement is common in several EU countries btw.


As we run self check-in/check-out, I have no way of verifying that guests would fill out a physical form. Also, that wouldn't be practical mainly because Portugal now requires me to send the information online and no longer accepts documents over snail mail. I could send the form to the guests over the booking messaging system, but I'd still have to download the doc and transcribe the information into the government system. Thus my question if I could  collect this information over an online form or if there are any rules that prevent me from doing that. 

Even because being able to comply with GDPR using paper and prove destruction of data would cost more than digitally. 


Here's a couple of links:



Thanks again!


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BrookAve 2 years ago


Thanks for the links.

I did some googling and found someone talking about it and I share ther concerns.. its a terrible idea.

Quote below

I just booked an apartment in Porto. In the confirmation email the host said that due to local tourism regulations they need additional information from me. Full Name, date of birth, city of birth, city of residence and passport number.


 Personally I will never share that info, knowing what I know about IT and security. and as soon as more people realise this they wont either.


The only method viable that I or any sane person would agree to is to be given a link during or post booking that goes to the organisation that is collecting it  with proper encryption and valid certs enabled.






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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi Sabrina, and welcome to the Partner Community.

Maybe you should call your local BDC office and ask them to support you...they probably have more experience in this matter.

Wish you well.