Collecting Guest Feedback? See how we do it!

We created a custom Guest Feedback page on our site so when a guest checks out, after 24 hours they get a message and a link taking them to this page ?⠀ ⠀ It’s vital to collect reviews but collecting feedback and ways to improve is even better! ✅⠀ ⠀ With this now in place we can now upgrade our systems and make the check-in process easier for guests and improve reviews ?⠀

M Adamopoulou

Yes, I did found it useful....maybe one day I will be able to use it...

Remember, we have no internet...no website...no address signs...we live in the woods enjoying the country....

Do our best to keep in touch with our guests...

Wish you a pleasant weekend.


A website and online is vital in this generation or era of technology that we are in.

I hope that you invest in a website and some marketing, it will really help your business!


Have a great week ☺️✌?

Isle of Wight …

I've found two problems with "collecting feedback":

a) It makes guests think about and focus on negatives

b) The feedback is often useless - like one will say the bed was too hard, the next will say the bed is too soft - of course, there is no way around this!

However, it can highlight if the same issue keeps coming up, for example broken bed springs, which we probably won't know about unless a guest reports it, because we don't sleep in the beds ourselves.

In our guest information that we leave in the properties, we ask guests to let us know immediately if there is a problem, so that we can fix it immediately. We say that it's not very helpful to us or other guests if they leave it and report the problem in a review that we might not read until some weeks later. When there have been problems, most guests do contact us and we fix things same day, and guests are generally very happy.





Just an observation...


While I agree with all above, and yes it is good to get constructive  (only) feedback... the only people who will never see it is other potential guest , since it wont be available on the OTAs for them to view.

So also then if a guest does use this feedback service, what is the likelihood of them then also using the OTA feedback system upon which they actually booked through...


I say this thinking about the Rating system on BdC and the Preferred partner program, so If I understand right ...

lets say you get x amount of bookings, they all use this feedback app, but never use the BdC one at all, ...

wouldnt that effect your standing for the Preferred Partner Program and therefore result in loosing said standing.  

Just a thought.

By itself its a nice idea to capture said info. well done.


Kind Regards





Hello Sergei and folks,


Does Booking.com allow hosts to offer feedback on guests (like Airbnb does)?



M Adamopoulou

Dear Partner,

Unfortunately, hosts cannot review guests...only reply to their review.

Wish you well...


Thanks for that information M. Adamopoulou.


How can I file a feature request for the product team to include this very important capability?


Hi MR! Thanks for your comments. You can publish a conversation in the Community, so other partners can participate in it and share what they think about this feature.