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Comission rates for

Why we are charged 36.5% comission for all Bookings Instead of 15-18% as per our contract.

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Kindly clarify.

Sivamurugan Hotels,




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BrookAve 2 years ago


1. You should use the 'contact us' option in footer of this page or mobile app to email or phone BDC support to clarify.

2. without more detail I'm guessing this is actualy not the commission %, but in fact the commission %+Genius discount + promotion% + stacked discounts% NOTE:  it is easy to mistake the different % discounts as being separate, especially if you are new to the BDC platform. I made the same mistake.

Very impressed by the photos on your listing, #thumbsup Was amazed by how low the pricing is but thne I remebered some regions and countries cost of living is alot lower compared to ireland.

What I would suggest is using some thing like google spreadshett or ms excel to map out your rates, facotring in number of nights, promotions offers, discounts (BDC commission, genius % etc.) I spent some time doing that to see what my net revenue would be based on the many permutations of offers based on the number of nights booked.


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