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My name is Henry and this is my first post. We have an lovely apartment named 'Teresa' in the town of Paola, Malta.

 I would like to ask someone why the cleaning fee is being charged commission by This fee is a payment to another person for cleaning my apartment and in my opinion this should not be charged any commission. This is ridiculous and its a downright shame. It's like stealing.

We only charge guests a small fee of 15 euro for cleaning the apartment but actually the total cost is 35 euro which I have to give to my cleaner and this is besides other expenses which are required for this job especially now with covid19.

I would be very pleased what other fellow partners think about this problem. 



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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Hi Henry and welcome to the Partner Community.

You might be right...

Maybe its best to include your cleaning fee in your rates since guests do not like extra costs.

Wish you well.