Commission on Cancelled Bookings

I understand Force Majeure does not automatically apply now. However, due to local lockdowns, Welsh lockdown etc, I believed if we agreed to a full refund for guests who can no longer visit the area, we would not be penalised with commission fees. Is this correct? I keep getting commission corrections on my statements which do not make any sense and I am wondering if I am being charged commission for cancelled bookings?



Hi  Ryan Peers


Its as simple as :

If a booking is prepaid, and NoShow, not cancelled, then yes to get paid and a commission is owed.


It sounds like you agreed to cancel and refund but if neither you nor the guest initiated the cancellation on the website, then its not cancelled and you get billed for commission.


i.e. its not enough to : 

  • Guest message cancel request, but host has done nothing to trigger it.  
  • Host message Guest but has not done anything else to trigger it.  
  • Guest messages or phones BdC CS to cancel but Host has not received phone call or message to authorise cancelation.


What should happen is :


Guest triggers request, Host receives notification.

Host clicks to confirm and then decides to waive cancelation policy in order for full refund if prepay to BdC.


  • Open reservation 
  • right pane , click request cancel
  • choose option 2 - by doing so guest is fully refunded.
  • guest receives notification and must click a link t oaccept, in rder  for the refund process to start, failure t odo so leaves booking as still active.


Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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