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I just wondered if, when I do an offer price, if the commission I pay is only on the discounted price or if I'll be charged commission on the original price?!  I've never done an offer before but want to check before I end up too out of pocket!!


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Hi Jayne


THe simple answer is you pay commission on the total


Guest Rate pricked + additional fees - discount of the promotion  - discount of the programs (stacked discount : Genius + mobile + other)


Example mobile rate + genius discounts stack  and there are others.


So if your starting rate is say 60, the take home payout could potentially only be 24


There was a diagram i previously saw on here if I can find it i will post it here.


ah found it - https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/rates-availability/can-i-combine…


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Jayne Edge

Huge thanks for that.  It would appear then that I pay full commission on the original price as well as looks a further 10% to my guest.  Seems a bit miserable of booking.com given how much we already pay.


Keep safe.


Jayne :) 



If you set your price 50eur and guest pays a total 40€ (with discounts/offers) you pay the commission for 40€. We pay 18% BDC commission so we would pay 7,2€ + payment charge 1,2% to BDC in this case.

Jayne Edge

Thank you :)  I find the whole thing a bit confusing!!