Commissions on Cleaning Fees

Hi partners! Can anyone explain why BK charges commissions on the cleaning fees, which is not part of the accommodation rate? How have you managed this so far?

M Adamopoulou

Hi Silvaper11,


Unfortunately these are the regulations...

I personally don’t charge cleaning fees so maybe another partner that charges fees can enlighten you in this issue.


Wish you well ?  



Hi Silvaper11


Scenario 1 : Payments By Booking All Additional Fees set on Extranet, will be part of check out total, and therefore subject to commission % , then  if using Payments by Booking, a payment gateway fee % also applied to the balance to be transfered to your bank. If you use BdC Online Payments (aka VCC) you only pay commission on invoice issued.


Scenario 2:  Guest  - Direct Pay Only other Fees

All additional optional or mandatory fees instead provide these listed on Fine Print, as a photo with text;  Also add to auto message template for new bookings as a dedicated section :

Mandatory Fees +  pay method, time limit before reservation expires if not pre-paid.


If not using prepay and you can collect on arrival is another consideration.



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Thank you for your prompt responses, I do not use prepay and collect on arrival, therefore my question.  How is a cleaning fee part of an invoice and bears taxes and commissions?



In that case it should not be showing on their checkout online and you just collect it on arrival... are you saying the invoice amount is showing both rate and the additional fee - cleaning too? If yes , that is odd, I would not have thought they do that.


So the workaround I can think of is remove the cleaning fee from the listing under policies - additional fees.


Now open the View My Description under Property - and add a note for cleaning fee and is payable on arrival.


This now removes it from the online checkout when booking.


Kind Regards