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Communication with a potential guest

A potential guest complained that he/she does not succeed in making a booking for our cottage in April. I replied that I will investigate the matter. I experienced no problem from my side and I want to refer the potential guest to the helpdesk. But now the system does not give me access to this potential guest anymore. How can I continue to communicate with this guest? Could you help? 

Malan Heyns


Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.

Posting something like this will not result in any action at all.


Hi Pacem cottage


The simple answer is you cant, its entirely up to them to use the website to query and or book.


This includes using the help links and the customer service contact methods.


Its literally right there in front of them.


Whats evne more puzzling it first sounds like they booked and messaged you, but then you contradict that by calling them a potential guest.

Normally the message system only allows messages up to and after checkout by 7 days.


So this is confusing.


How exactly did they contact you?  directly? if so how did they even find your contact info?







Kind Regards,

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Pacem cottage

Thank you for you reply. The Booking.Com system informed me. I received a query in my "Inbox" with the complaint from someone stating that they do not succeed in making a booking. I do not have any further references. The system accepted my initial reply but now I am unable to follow up. And somewhere there is a potential guest waiting for further guidelines.

Please help


Ah thats the new FAQ  / Ask A question , which then posts the question and reply on to the listing for others to see, kinda like an  FAQ.


Thats why you cant follow up ,as its not designed for that use. 


Its now up to the guest to persue further if interested, not you.

It would be different had they contacted you via a non BdC system, i.e. externally. Then you might have the option to follow through further.



1 Question is Asked by guest  1 Answer only can be given.

Pacem cottage

Thanks. It is obvious that this new feature (FAQ?Ask A Question) creates some potential problems. As I have stated: There is now somewhere a prospective guest waiting for a reply he or she will never get. Is it not possible for the Booking.Com people to trace that query and manage it properly?


no thats not a thing and they very likely wont be doing that.