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complain / disbehaviour of my guest with booking nr ***

Dear ,

my guest *** did bad behaviour on the studio that i rent .

there is proof of smoking in and out the building. We found also the appartment not  been cleaned . A lot of trash was found , no dishes were washed or clean , there was 2 boxes with pizza inside , just laying on the table.

I found 2 bags from shopping with  clothes hangers and all rubbish waste ( paper , plastic ) . Old clothes from them were still laying everywhere.

this is not the meaning of renting , i am not a hotel were they have someone to clean for them , i just rent it for vacation. I had make a map with the houserules , so they brake the rules ! I hope that you can do something about such people .

kindly regards ,

Van Nieuwenhuyse Dimitri , owner studio res. Ruytingingen(  clientnr.*** )


You have posted this on the partner forum not the help desk.  You can 'report misconduct' on their reservation.