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Hi, I have added my property to for almost a year, but ever since I joined I have been waiting for the CODE. I requested it twice and there is not way I will receive it as it has been more that 4 months since I last requested one. What can I do about it? Unfortunately the country where the code needs to be sent to has not a very good reputation in regards to postal services.


Hi Casa,

You should rach out directly to BDC support via your 'contact us' info page . Link in the footer of this page or via the extranet help section in the website or the mobile pulse app'

BDC support will not see or respond to this post, only other partners and the comminuty manager will .

Kind Regards.

Richard Chacon

I have a similar issue.

I registered my property twice but no answer is recived

no feedback, so my property is not fully acepted by Booking.

What should I do since there is no other way than this to get in touch with

Booking Staff.

Best regards,

Richard Chacon