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Confusion over Children and extra bed policies

I'm hoping someone can clear my confusion. My unit is a 6 sleeper townhouse. I can handle 6 adults or 1 adult and 5 children. So, I've set the unit to sleep 6 adults. To make the unit Family Friendly, I have to add a number for children, but when I add children it makes the unit sleep more than it can. I also don't want to limit the number of adults that can stay at the place in order to add the ability of children. 

I do have a lower child age limit to 3 because the unit does have a staircase and will be dangerouse for toddlers.

What are my options to make this adult/child to make my unit Family Friendly? Thanks in advance,


M Adamopoulou

Sorry Guy, above inbox is so thin I can see anything...I repeat..I had same confusion...I contacted my local BDC office and they advised me how to set up.

My unit is a 4 unit sleeper and 2 children can sleep with parents without adding extra bed!!!

Hope this helps you.

Isle of Wight …

I did manage to do this on one property, but can't remember how I did it .... I now just set all properties to 4/6/8 adults and leave it like that .... I'll get round to changing it in due course .... would be much better if the system was better ....