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Congratulations to all our Traveller Review Award 2021 winners!

Congratulations to all our Award winners! Despite last year’s challenges, your consistently outstanding hospitality helped your guests make the most of the trips they were able to take.

What's your best tip to keep your scores high? Let us know for a chance to be featured in Click. Magazine. 

If you have any questions about the awards, click here:


M Adamopoulou

Thanks Sergei,


It’s not a’s a way of living...


Hospitality is as basic to the Greek experience as the sea, sky and mountains!!!


Hospitality begins from the moment I receive reservations...


  1. The immediate message thanks and welcome for the reservation....
  2. The message for detailed directions before arrival...
  3. The Personal meet and greet...waiting at the threshold...
  4. The feast...
  5. The after dinner drink...
  6. The exchange of information....
  7. The departure meal or drink....
  8. The farewell gift...
  9. The farewell blessing and goodbye....
  10. The message after departure thanking for great experience and wishing for save return...


In our family we are inherently generous; generous with things, generous with treats and most of all generous in feelings....


Thanks again BDC for this amazing experience!!!

Eric Suesz - C…

I love your suggestions, Maria. May I use a condensed version of this ode to hospitality in a Click Magazine article? I'm collecting good tips from partners about their award wins. I would also love to include your name and property if that's okay. 

M Adamopoulou

Hi Eric,


My pleasure...

Very happy that you like my post!!!

I follow your articles in Click Magazine...are very informative and interesting!!!


Thanks again🙏


Good morning Maria, 

Your points of hospitality are very relevant, thanx for sharing. 

Greetings from Namibia! 


Regards markus 


M Adamopoulou

Thanks Zuri,


Please add your tips...and share photos of your beautiful country.


Have a nice day☀️

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Alexandros and welcome to the Partner Community.


Please share with us your thoughts.


Πολύ χαιρομαι που είσαι μαζί μας από αυτό το όμορφο νησί μας...


Please share some photos of your Cycladic accommodation.


Wish you all the best🌺

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Michael for your kind words!!!


You have been inspiring me....I am learning from you....


Life is to short for bad vibes😻


David Munderloh

I have tried to add the "Traveller review award 2021" picture to my property pictures but what was in the download package was "too small"  -- anybody have a tip??

thanks all!


M Adamopoulou

Hi David,


I remember that had same problem..

The zip file has 4 files...try all of will fit.


Hope this helps a little 🌞



michael beeston

When you print from your printer it "should" have 4 or 5 on the size you want and then print ..good Luck  Michael.

jacqueline mackay

Hi I was delighted to get this and congrats to everyone else, BUT I am not very good on the computer and I have know idea how to add all the banners etc even where to put hashtag image CAN ANYONE HELP THANKS

M Adamopoulou

Congratulations Jacqueline🏅


Take is us step by info in BDC...

First download your your photo gallery...from there you can upload in your listing...


I think the pro.printing better fits in listing...


You can then share your award in social media...using hashtag...


If this doesn't help you at all....maybe you should ask a friend to help you....


Wish you luck🌹


Villa Lolo

Thanks Booking for the amazing Award. We trust in a very great stay for our guests based on attention, warm availability and surprises. Every wednesday, a great cake it's offer to them and on friday, italian ice cream, curcuma bread and magazines are offered. At the same time, we take care about their stay, again, due to the best greek tradition, italian warm and spanish welcome :) 

karen Field

Thank you 

Our first year with getting on very well with it.


Vrachia Beach …

Thank you Sergei. There is only one big secret that can keep anyone at the top. The love and passion on what you are doing. If you love your job then everything else comes so easily. You can share this love in various ways on the spot and deliver it to your guests who deserve the best outcome of your effort. 

M Adamopoulou

Vrachia Beach congratulations 🎉 


Your property is fabulous...

Wish you best guests🥂

Andre Knipe

Thank you!

We started hosting 'by accident'. LOL Yes, I was looking at opportunities to generate an income and we have a self-contained room that is ideally suited for hosting. So - we came up with a name, designed a simple logo, set up the room and took pictures. I then listed the property... and forgot about it! As we were excitedly preparing to go away for our annual week-long break-away, we received our first booking! Shock & panic!

Now things run fairly smooth and we have met some wonderful guests over the last 2 years. We keep it simple, neat and friendly - treating every guest as a valued individual, without making assumptions in the beginning. So, I keep a few notes about our returning guests - it helps a lot for those small but important little extras that they prefer.

Cleanliness is key. And I would always switch on the TV on either a nature channel (which fits in with the theme of our listing), and soothing & relaxing music. And we always switch on ambience lighting when a guest would arrive after dark.

Thank you for the recognition. We always strive to improve - even on the smallest things that you as a host might not consider significant. Its the small things that often makes a big difference for our guests.

Cheers to all the achievers!

Andre & Riana

M Adamopoulou

Andre & Riana congratulations 🎉


I agree with you...little things make the difference and guests show their appreciation by giving us excellent reviews.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and your passion for hosting.


Wish you all the best for the coming year 🌞

Jerry McLean

Our approach is relatively simple, almost uncomplicated if you will: Welcome the guest as if it's friends coming to stay. Don't stand on ceremony, be real, be authentic in order for the guests to relax and feel like they've "come home". 

2nd, pay an interest in them, it's about them not you. Go beyond the usual morning greetings, learn about them and set a goal of providing one moment of value add each day to a guest eg: a insiders tip on a great hideaway location/beach/forest walk, your top 3 restaurants (high end joints/and simple places..not everyone can afford nor wants to always eat Michelin food!), interesting arty locations or an awesome little deli to pick up some picnic food for an outing.

Lastly, balance all of the above with providing personal space, it's a fine line between showing you're interested and genuinely curious about them to overbearing and never giving the guests room to just "be" and take in the amazing surroundings you've gone to great lengths to create.


M Adamopoulou

Hi Jerry,


I agree with you 💯 


Luxury in simplicity is my moto🌺


Let guests guide you if they want a chat or to be left alone...


Thanks for sharing your experience 🌞

Sandy Engelbrecht

I have been advised I have won an award but it's asking for my property ID and I don't know what that is or where to find it.  Can you please advise me. 

Sorry all new to this. 

M Adamopoulou

Hi Sandy and congratulations 🥂

You can find your ID  under your Property name in your Extranet...


Hope this helps you🌺


michael beeston

Amazing Maria.   you answer almost ALL the questions from EVERYONE...............*** well done....You are PERFECT....You get a10 score  from us haha .Beast.

M Adamopoulou

Michael don't you know why???


In these difficult times that no travel is allowed...this Partner traveling me again and again....all over the world...meeting beautiful people like you Beast🥂🥂🥂

This is magic😍




Helen Bewley


We won a Traveller Review Award 2021

We are so excited for the experience we have had so far in our journey of being  hosts an the amazing reviews received from our guests and we have been privileged for our bookings.

Keeping guests happy is the most important priority and making sure that they know they can contact us at anytime.

We also put enough details on our link for holiday makers to enjoy what they see an read

We always treat our guests with a thank you card and treats and make the Caravan as welcoming as possible 


M Adamopoulou

Congratulations Helen🥂

Your caravan looks beautiful...please share more photos.


Wish you all the best ☀️

Helen Bewley

Thank you yours looks beautiful amazing photos also

I have added my link to my profile if I have done it correctly that is.

Here is to hoping this year is great for us all and a lot safer, stay safe 😊 

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Helen for your kind words.


Your profile is fine...I just had a's correct.


We have to live with Corona so make the best we can🌞


Keep in smiling 😍

Ferncliff Bout…

We are so excited that we won the Travellers Review Award in 2021.

Despite the pandemic situation we always wanted to do our basics properly with extra care, we always wanted our guests to be 100% safe and happy in our place now as the year just began our team is ready to provide yeoman service to each and every guests.

All the best for everyone!


M Adamopoulou

Congratulations 🍾

Fencliff is amazing!!!


Your accommodation is stunning...the surroundings, the scenery, the decor...everything is magic!!!


Wish this year is a great one for you☀️

michael beeston

Hello Gianni.....................How did you score 7, when you had 7 x10s.......................this is not right.......................?????  Can somebody answer the question  WHY not 10.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Gianni,

Sorry for this...

Next time try to explain to your guests that they have to give you also a 10 for overall in order to get a 10...

Keep well 🌞

Aaltje B.

So weird!  10's all over the place, 

But I am not going to tell my guests how high the score should be . That is simply not me. 

BdotC should arrange correct review system: Easy pathway, same results over all devices. 

Just saying. 


Well done Gianni. Great work! 



Aaltje B. 


M Adamopoulou

Hi Michael🌞


After having read so many complaints about Review System... I have understood that guests rate separately 7 categories and at the end they give an overall rating which has no connection with the categories... which means the overall is not the total of 7 divided by 7!!!!


 Amazing mathematics 😃

I think 🤔