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Hi, is there any way of connecting two or more rooms into one unit, so that if one is being booked, the other one is closed automatically? What I mean in our specific case: The property contains of several guest houses which can be rented in their entirety, but each house contains of several rooms, which can also be rented individually, given availability. It would therefore save a lot of time and trouble, if when guests make a reservation for a single room within a house, that this entire house (created as a room with type "vacation home") is set to closed automatically (as of course no one can rent the whole house, if one room is already occupied).

I could not find anything about that topic in the help, but if there is something, I would be happy if someone could point it out to me.

Thank you!

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There is no such thing on any platform nor Channel Manager  that I know of.


It can only be handled locally by you should they request it. But I would note to them that there is no guarantee of such an option, and entire based on First Com First Served .



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1 month ago